The most overlooked photo session location... by Khalilah Hall

Don't forget to photograph your family here! 

What do you remember about your childhood home? Where would you find your mom or dad? What was your favorite part of the house?

We moved a lot when I was a child but I still remember each place. The place that holds the dearest memories is when I was about 5 years old. We had a window seat that I loved to sit on when it rained. What was your favorite spot in your home? How about your children now?

I know the kitchen can be a very familiar place for moms. Along with that comes our favorite food and time at the table. 

Next is our room. Our private place. The place where we went to escape the craziness of our family and if you're like me, the place I spent a lot of time in because I was always on punishment. 

Lastly, we should have sessions in our home because that's where a lot of life's lessons are taught. It's the place we're most comfortable. Where we can't wait to go at the end of the day or after a long trip. Home is the beginning of life and love. 

Wanna talk about an in home session for you? C'mon! You know you do! :)