I Just Squashed One of Your Mom Fears! / by Khalilah Hall

How many times as mom's do we wonder if we're enough? I know for me it's daily. There have been countless times that I've put my boys to bed and cried; scared I was messing them up. We want nothing more than to be the best mom possible for our children, right? 

Let me be the one to show you, YOU ARE ENOUGH!! You are everything they need and more. Mistakes and bad choices are inevitable. That's what we teach our children as they navigate through life, right? We have to remind ourselves of that too. 

Thankfully I have a job that allows me to show moms just how amazing we really are. Even on our craziest days, there is so much love. I recently had a morning breakfast/homeschool session. The mom was nervous about the session of course. Will the children act normal or will they be totally crazy? 

Here's what mom felt this session did for her:

"When Khalilah asked if she could capture my morning routine, I was, A. thrilled and B. nervous that she'd catch us on a bad morning. She is so talented at what she does though so of course I was excited! Thankfully my girls did amazing and were their normal selves. They are pretty quiet girls anyways, so we did did our basic morning routine while Khalilah did her thing. The photos brought tears to my eyes. She captured all the things I'd hoped and more. She caught my youngest watching me love on and play with my oldest. Something I never really get to see.


She captured the frustration of potty training when my toddler wet her big girl underwear and we had to get back into pull ups. The excitement when my oldest gets a problem right on her school work. My husband loves my "stork" pose when I stand on one leg with the other foot up and she captured that. Messy hair, no makeup, cup of coffee and my stork pose. That's me. There are days that I don't feel glamorous or important. I feel like what I do is so small in the grand scheme of things. But she captured us perfectly. She captured me at work. Raising my tiny humans. Teaching them. Feeding them. Loving them. This is my season of life and while it may not be glamorous or fancy, it is important to me and I am damn proud of it!"

You have the most important job in the world. Embrace it and capture it. Book a session now!! Limited space available! :)