I Dare You To Have This Type of Beach Session...... / by Khalilah Hall

While living in Hawai'i, a beach session is a must. Dare I ask you to go beyond the normal posed, dressed up session and have a real beach experience? One where sand in your face and on your toes is okay. Photos of your children getting buried and smacked by waves. Where your family is together, enjoying each other, stress and pose free. 

I grew up in NJ, far from the beach but we went occasionally and it was a big deal. We packed up the whole house and linen closet and off we went on the long 2 hour drive. My favorite part of the whole trip was the big container of fried chicken my mom would make for lunch. I couldn't wait to get hungry again so I could dig in. (That just made me tear up. Such good memories and so much fun.) I want to help you remember this time in your life beyond how beautiful the beach is. Take these memories with you wherever you go. I dare you....


**This session was taken in December when the AMAZING Marie Masse from Fearless and Framed came to Hawai'i to mentor me. While Marie was here she did a workshop and this was the selected location. So much fun!!