Why documenting your life is important.....

I want to photograph your family’s most beautiful moments—the cuddles, laughter, and joy but also the timeouts, frustration, and fatigue. When we’re living it, we don’t see how connected we are in the everyday moments of our long days.

The days may be long, but the years are short. In time, we’ll find we've missed something. We blink, and our children have grown. When was the last time they asked us to lay in bed with them? And how long have they been waking and getting dressed on their own?

Our children grow so fast that we don’t realize they’ve changed until we can see it in the rearview mirror. Years after the last one, we crave one more goodnight hug.

I can give you that moment to hold in your hands years after it has passed by photographing these fleeting moments. Let me give the gift of time to you.